Our First Chapel

Our First Chapel

 In 1964, Greers Ferry Lake was completed and there was an influx of visitors from the Little Rock area on weekends who wanted a place to worship. The first seeds were planted when founding members gathered at Nadine Ball’s Café at the intersection of Hwy. 16 and Hwy. 92 to drink coffee and dream. Founding members included Oscar and Frances Nixon, Martha Bond and Nadine Ball. Other founding families of our church included Jack and Amanda Tucker, Kenneth W. and Gretchin Rolan, J.C. Pearson, Joe Hawkins, Arthur Westerman, Allen and Mrs. Baker, Nancy Baker, Dwight and Donna Beard and Ivo and Virginia Phelps.

trailerThe church was organized in September of 1964 and a trailer was procured and moved to a site on Hwy 16 near Nadine’s restaurant. It was the Bonds who suggested the name “Holiday Hills, and the board approved. The first trailer church was pastored by Charles Jones, a Bible student from Batesville.

But our roots go back even further than this first humble place of worship, In 1963, Mr. Cy Bond discovered, through courthouse records, that some 80 years prior there had been a Methodist Church in Higden—just 3 miles from our present church. The property was reclaimed, and then sold. With these funds and help from the Arkansas Methodist Conference, a trailer was purchased in 1963 and placed near the old post office in Higden.

bw-congregationChurch members opened the first bank account with $10. 00 in December 1964. Membership increased very slowly at first. Rev. Thomas J. Cowan became the fulltime pastor in June of 1965, after appointment by the conference. The first wedding was in 1965 between Elouise Roebuck and J. Cliff Person. July 4 1965 was a red letter day for the little trailer Chapel, for the first time ever they could not seat all the worshippers.


RE: History 2000 Committee
Revised by Jeanine Griffiths (historian in 2010)